colquitt2Noticeable changes on the patients on the positive should be noticed on the patient upon a few visits to Chesapeake Chiropractic. Brian Colquitt, your Columbia chiropractor, is a very talented healer. However, this depends on the nature and the level of the back problem one has. Generally upon starting treatment one should feel pain being reduced by between 40% -80%. This is however for musculoskeletal conditions which are simpler. The number of visits one makes to a chiropractor should be reducing as one feels better and pain being reduced and functionality being improved.

Mostly used chiropractic programs used.

Competent chiropractors always do all they can do to solve patients problems and make them feel better as quickly as possible using few treatments as possibly needed. They also advise their patient on ways and means of avoiding problems in future.

Questions on chiropractic programs.

Question to be asked concerning a given chiropractic treatment to solve issues on back pain
including other symptoms are given bellow.

– Which treatment program is the chiropractor using?

– Which services on chiropractic does he/she offer? Some chiropractors gives out other
services which could include, massaging, instruction on exercises to do, training on
strength, rehabilitation and counseling on nutrition among others.

– If the treatment doesn’t work, what does the chiropractor recommends, does he
recommend that the patient should visit another chiropractor.

– If he is recommending the patient to another chiropractor, has he ever referred any
other before? The patient should also site for examples if they are there.

Possible defects on chiropractic treatment programs.

There are some things about the chiropractic treatment programs that so many chiropractors
agree that they are of considerable defects. Some of them includes;

– Manipulating symptoms to areas not having the symptoms- A chiropractor should never
make areas not having symptoms to have them. An example is that a chiropractor will
never do manipulation on the upper site of the neck when the patient is actually having
back problem at the lower region.

– Putting pressure on patients to buy nutritional supplements only on their own clinic-
Patients should be given freedom to get supplementary nutrients from their own
chiropractors.     A good chiropractor will always give patients guidelines on nutritional
supplements but will always give them an option of getting them from any source of
their own.

– Giving all the patients same treatment program-Patients should avoid those
practitioners who are used to identifying a common problem with all patients and giving
them all same treatment program.

– Continued treatment even after goal being met-A good chiropractor will always have a
goal of reducing the pain of clients. Practitioners who gives patients treatment even
after objective has been found should as much as possible be avoided.

– Practitioners who give long term treatment plans-Patients should always be cautious
enough to those chiropractors who give a lengthy program. Such as a plan which is
going up to one year or so

It is therefore always recommended that when a patient is choosing a chiropractor he/she
should always do judgment well just as it is normally done for any health care practitioner.


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