Massage Therapy

Colquitt1A good and competent chiropractic clinic in Columbia does their best to always solve the symptoms of the patient  as fast as possible. They should also always give their patients advices on how to possibly avoid future disorders. Patients should always feel comfortable to ask all type of questions needed in understanding the chiropractic examination on diagnosis and how the treatment program is going to be conducted. This is because the chiropractic profession has a unique large types of practice on philosophies.


A visit to a chiropractic for the first time.

This can be done either on phone or by a physical visit by the patient to the office to do a one
on one consultation; this depends entirely on the patient’s interest. These discussion could be

– Philosophy of the chiropractor.

– Experts on the clinic.

– How they approach issues in general.

– What the patient prefers.

The following 3 areas is a description of the initial clinical examination in the office;

1. History of the patient and the symptoms shown-This is normally done when preparing
for a chiropractic consultation. This where the patient is being asked to provide
information about his/her   symptoms. Some of the questions normally asked are;

a. The time and how the pain started?

b. Where the pain is found?

c. How the pain manifest itself in the body, it dull, burning and searing etc.

d. Was the pain resulting from an injury?

e. Under what circumstances is the pain worst or better?

Chiropractor normally asks the patient to provide a family history on medication and the
previous medical history either before injury or after injury.

2. Exam on chiropractic- A good chiropractic exam involves test on blood pressure,
breathing system, pulses and on reflexes. It also is all about a given study on; rate of
movement on the areas affected, tone of muscle, strength of muscle and the integrity of

3. Study on diagnosis-This is normally done with due consideration on the patients results,
history and chiropractic exam.

Studies on diagnosis are not always very vital in doing chiropractic examination. The commonly
used diagnostic exam includes the following; exam on x-ray and Magnetic resonance imaging

Diagnostic chiropractic exam patient goes through.
Those findings obtained by combining the described history above, examinations done
physically, leads to specific diagnosis.

On ending the first visit of the patient the doctor will be in a position of explaining; the
condition diagnosed, the chiropractic treatment for the particular patient or other treatment
and the length of time the patient is to receive either chiropractic treatment or any other
treatment. The above information can be given to the patient in oral form but in most case it is
given in written form so that patient can take it home to be revered to later and also for
purposes of other research to be done by the patient at home.


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