Chiropractic Techniques

colquitt4There are quite a number of techniques used by the Columbia MD chiropractor. Some chiropractors’ does joint manipulation by use of their hands only, others however does so by use of instruments of different kinds. Other chiropractors does the treatment by use of quick fast and firm manipulation, while others does so by having a light touch on the affected parts. Some patients always prefers a quick relief, which is given by popping the joint a spinal manipulation process known as joint popping. Others fear this and opt to the use of little force a chiropractic technique known as “LOW-FORCE CHIROPRATIC TECHNIQUE.”  Generally treatment on chiropractic largely is determined by the preferences of not only the patient but also the

Some of the chiropractic question on technique.

Most of the questions on chiropractic care does not always have wrong or right answers.

Having a good knowledge about this techniques allows the patient to asses best a good fit of
patient to doctor. Some of these questions are given below;

– What technique of chiropractic is being used by the chiropractor and why is he/she
using that method? Majority of chiropractors have a lot of experience on some of the
techniques such as 5 to 6 techniques and always picks one which best suits the patients
according to his/her conditions.

– Is he/she using any instruments to do chiropractic manipulation or is doing it with
his/her hands.

– Is the chiropractor using joint popping, deeper adjustment or is employing a low-force
adjustment method to do the adjustment.

– Has the doctor ever done any chiropractic treatment similar to that of the patient?

– The level of training and the experience of the chiropractor he has been doing
chiropractic using specific technique he/she is recommending to you.

– Is the chiropractor legally allowed to practice?


On asking this questions, one may discover that more research on specific technique of
chiropractic is needed.

Questionable techniques used by some chiropractors.

There are some techniques used by other chiropractors and most do accept that they are of
questionable nature. Some of them are given below;

– Techniques used with claims that they are unique in nature or special and that no other
chiropractor has used them before.

– Those techniques used by the chiropractor with claims that they cure different
conditions for example diabetic conditions, various infections and asthma among

– Technique whereby the chiropractor is recommending a long term treatment program
for example recommendation of visits of up to 3-6 times for a period of 12 months at a
frequency of one week.

– A technique which demands prepayment for treatment which is unlimited for a period
of between 6 months to one year.

– A technique whereby the chiropractor is recommending different techniques to be used
by different patients with same problem.

– A technique whereby the chiropractor is recommending an infinite continuous
treatment for the patient. Any kind of treatment must have an end.

If any patient seeking treatment comes across any of the above technique, then it is advisable
that he/she should change to another chiropractor.


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